HDMI Ethernet Cables aka HDMI HEC

HDMI Ethernet channel cables can make your TV a source of Internet connection for other devices. There is a lot of information available, but you have to be careful because not all of them can be accurate. Our experts worked and compiled the necessary information about these cables to know if you need them or not.

What is HDMI HEC?

A standard HDMI cable carries audio and video signals from one device to another. HDMI Cables is a dedicated channel for audio and video transmission in high definition multimedia interface.

An HDMI Ethernet channel allows the transmission of Internet signals between connected devices. You no longer need separate cables to connect multiple devices and add an internet connection with this cable. You can visit the Soundbar Guru for the latest speakers and soundbar information.

Although the new HDMI cables are already backward compatible, our experts suggest using its features specifically labeled HDMI with Ethernet. The difference in the prices of these cables is not so much.

What Does it Do?

The HDMI cable with Ethernet Channel (HEC) was introduced in 2009 in HDMIV 1.4 with CCARC functionality. Then, high-speed HDMI cables will connect to other devices such as gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. All devices connected to it will share the internet connection it was fed. You can visit how to connect the soundbar to the computer.

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The goal is to make your TV Internet access for all other devices and limit the use of only one Ethernet cable. So, you only need one cable to connect your TV to the router. You can check the owner’s manual to see if it is compatible.

However, it did not achieve traction because a mi portal fone had to be installed on the TV for a dedicated HEC data channel.

How Does it Work?

An HDMI cable with an Ethernet channel built-in can transmit audio and digital video data between two devices. A regular high-speed HDMI cable has 19 pins that can transfer all kinds of data as long as they are compatible.

Many of these pins are each other’s wounds, which we call twisting pairs of twisted pairs with shields. Uses straight wires as twisted pairs to support an HDMI Ethernet connection capable of an Ethernet connection.

This setting does not interfere with the work of other pins to provide high-quality audio and high-definition video for your home entertainment system. Instead, most HDMI standard cables come with Ethernet channel capabilities.

There are three types of HDMI cables: standard HDMI with Ethernet, high-speed HDMI with Ethernet, and high-speed HDMI with Ethernet. Since most HDMI cables already have a dedicated channel for the Internet, all you need to do now is check if your device is HEC compliant.

Common Use

If a long-distance wired connection is required, then the HDMI Ethernet channel can be used. You can also use a regular HDMI cable and use an Ethernet converter as HDMI cables do not work well over long distances.

You can also use the HDMI Ethernet channel while watching movies or playing games on DVD. Connect the TV to the modem using this cable then use a high-speed cable to connect other devices.

With ARC or eARC

HDMI cable with Ethernet channel can be used in HDMI audio return channel (ARC) and CEC connection. Here, molded wire pairs are used to communicate data with other devices.

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HDMI Ethernet channel cables use the same PIN as HDMI ARC, so if it is labeled HDMI HEC, it is also ARC. Our sound experts say that any new HDMI cable made in the last ten years has this functionality.

Improved Audio Return Channel (eARC) [1] HDMI is available after version 2.1. This upgraded version of the ARC provides better image quality and audio quality for your sound system. eARC is commonly used for home entertainment system devices.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the difference between HDMI and HDMI with Ethernet?

The difference between HDMI and HDMI with Ethernet is the type of data they carry. A regular HDMI cable is capable of carrying both audio and video data in connected devices. On the other hand, HDMI Ethernet cables can carry these data as well as Internet data.

HEC eliminates the need for an Ethernet cable connected to various devices as it becomes a cable needed to transmit the Internet to the TV. This device will then be the source of the Internet for all other devices connected to it.

HDMI cables made over the last decade usually have this Ethernet function. However, many users do not use it for this purpose.

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